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Shakira Bell

To new garden adventures

To new garden adventures

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These are most favourite art to paint, surrendering to my creative process where I just let go of the control!!! ! I feel the most joy when I paint these abstracts and it’s a chance for me to just switch off, pick up my brush and just move the brush around and build up the layers over time!! Dont think, Just Do!!!  
The photos don’t do them true justice.. So many colours and textures to take in!! It’s my happy place and it will also be yours aswell.. Lots of happy & playful strokes, I love to use many colours and whatever happens on canvas just naturally flows out of my brain!! I have No rules when it comes to my art!! It’s just how I paint and I wouldn’t have it any other way!! 

Size approximately 60/60cms
Depth approximately.. approximately 2cm (thin edge)

Ready to hang wire!!

Lovely layers of acrylic paint and it’s definitely got a textured look and feel to it..
Sealed with a UV resistance varnish..

Please be aware that certain screens and monitors may alter the colours you see, but I have done my very best to capture the true colours..


Paintings are packed up and shipped within 5-7 business days (does not include weekends), please be aware that I really try to keep my packages sustainable and will recycle boxes and bubble wrap wherever I can to ensure your amazing art pieces arrive safely and securely, so if you receive your pieces in a box from Bunnings or TV box it’s because I recycled it.. 😜🥰.. Pretty please dispose of the bubble wrap to soft plastics or reuse it.. ❤️❤️

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