Just a lil bit about me..

Hi there, 

I'm Shakira Bell and im the Artist, welcome to my website! Im located on the wonderful Northern GoldCoast, just a stone throw away from Surfers Paradise and a quick trip away from Brisbane. I live here with my Partner and our 3 children plus our Schnoodle Murphy.

I have been an artist basically my whole life, which will always be apart of me and you will see that a lot of my pieces are very much influenced by art, I just love to wear crazy bold and bright earrings.  I like to use mixed media pieces like acrylic laser shapes, polymer clay and I handpaint bamboo discs. I also create beautiful mixed media artworks, I really enjoy painting florals but also mixed in with colourful abstract backgrounds. I have works on paper and also canvas. 

My jewellery creating journey actually started way back in 2013, but life as you know got pretty tough raising 3 children under 3 so I had to stop for awhile, but picked it back up again in 2016 when I started playing around with polymerclay (insert cliche) and well one thing led to another and here we are today! :) So heres to a new chapter in the next step of my creative journey. If you have any questions at all please don't hesitate to ask me!! Im always here to help.. Thanks.. :)

A lot of abstract artworks are all very intuitive and painted with loads of love, layers and textures!! You will see that I enjoy a wide variety of styles and mediums and I just wouldn’t have it any other way!! I’m such a free spirited artist and it just fills my soul to be free to do what my heart desires!!