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Shakira Bell

PolymerClay POP Pebbles studs

PolymerClay POP Pebbles studs

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*****Pink, Black and white rolled 


Each pair are not matchy matchy but have very similar colours throughout.. 

Each pair are hand rolled and pressed by hand which gives them a very unique organic look to them and they remind me of little pebbles.. Some may have tiny little cracks and flecks just like a Little Rock would have.. 

The stud is embedded into the earring and its a surgical steel stud and butterfly back.. 

they are sold in batches so you will receive a pair that is very similar to these pictured, truly unique and fun.. If you aren’t a very big earring wearing lover than these are the perfect size for you as they are roughly 15mm (1.5cms) in diameter.. Super cute little statement studs.. 

Please note that certain monitors and screen devices may slightly alter the colours on your screen.

Please do not get them wet or submerge in water, you may however gently wipe them over with a very lightly damp cloth in case they become dirty. It’s also recommended that you spray your perfumes before popping on your cute earrings.. 

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