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Shakira Bell Art

Floral Wall Art Roundies

Floral Wall Art Roundies

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Handpainted original art, acrylic on MDF board

onestroke florals with a mixed colourful abstract shapes background.. This artwork has some rough textures in the background and is not completely smooth and it’s exactly how I love to paint! I love using a mix of mediums in my background.. 

size is :25cms in diameter on a thin but sturdy MDF board.. 

Ready to hang with little white hanging loop which has been super hot glued to stay in place with a piece of felt material on the back. The back of the Mdf board is not painted and may sometimes have paint smudges or marks from where the sticker was pulled off, does not affect the look at all as it is on the back.. 

Artwork signed on front 

UV resistant varnish sealed. 

Artwork painted on the Gold Coast, Queensland.. Australia

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