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Cross Large Arty Dangles

Cross Large Arty Dangles

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Hey there, So these colourful unique earrings are Handpainted on wooden bamboo discs, These are a one of kind..   Please be aware that each and every pair are truly unique and Can not be replicated, this is due to the technique I use to paint them! 💕❤️ Absolutely no one else in the world will have your earrings! They are painted in colour combos but bringing you a truly unique pair every time 💕

You are truly getting your hands on Original Abstract wearable artworks for your lobes

Size: cross top is approximately 2-3cms across

The disc is approximately 50mm (5cms)in diameter
Length : from hoop to bottom is approximately 7cm ish!

Ear studs are stainless steel and come with the disc backing for extra support for your lobes.. 

Please note some devices and screens may alter the colours you see slightly, it’s always difficult to capture the true colours perfectly!

They are painted in acrylic paint and finished with a hand painted glossy varnish sealant! The back of the earring is not painted.. They have a unique textured look to them! 😍💕

Please store out of direct sunlight and also please do not get them wet!!

Thanks so much for stopping by and you will love these unique wearable art pieces!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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