Just some more about my Art

Well hello again, 

Just writing down a few words about the many different art styles I love to play around with, I’m just a bit of an art explorer and love trying out new mediums and techniques! But These days I’m mostly drawn to painting abstracts, simply because I just feel completely free and love to paint outside the lines.. ❤️..

I love to use a lot of colour and create many layers, but I also love to scale it right back and add layers of lovely white paint over the top to give it a coastal boho vibe.. Those are my most recent obsession and I’m addicted to painting them!! So many pretty colours pop through from underneath and it leaves you wondering what existed underneath.. 🥰❤️..

I also love the minimal look once I’ve finished all the layers!! I just enjoy the process the most, I tend to not overthink everything I’m painting because I know it’s all about my process in the end and not about how other people feel about my work!! It’s about how I feel!!.. 

My whole life I’ve wanted to be a full time artist earning a real wage from doing something I completely love and have so much passion for.. this is why I’m working so hard to chase this dream and I’m hoping you guys will love what I create!! 

Hope you guys have enjoyed my little chat stories and I will pop back and write more random things.. (sorry I’m not the greatest with my grammar 😬)